Welcome Instagramers! Don't wonder if some parts are in german, the founder is German ;-)

This is the homepage of the new founded Instagram family Skylover!

But what are the Skylover? As the name is saying the Skylover are a family which loves to take pictures of the sky.
Landscape with sky, ocean with sky, only sky, and and and..

But why is there a family especially for that? That is easy. Many people love the sky. Many people take photos of it and post it to instagram. To differentiate from them and meet other Skylover we found the family. 
Be honest. Its more fun if you work together with people and if you support yourself having fun with sky.

So you can see: It does not cost anything to be a member of the Skylover family but it will be great fun!

Are there any requirements to join the Skylover family?

OF COURSE! How will you differentiate from others if your photos are not good enough to stand out of the crowd or catch all others eye?

So the requirements are:

> Most of your photos are about sky

> Your photos have an acceptable quality

> You are an active instagramer (at least one photo per day)

> You are willing to support the family members with likes and comments and of course by solving problems)

> You support the IG rules!

> Not too many self-portraits

> You are not there to follow only people, you want to upload photos.

And of course: You love instagram and photography


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